Bihar’s Gandak Plain Economy at its low

J. R. Sharan ‘Kisan’

Muzaffarpur, East Champaran and West Champaran district and the neighbouring six districts of Saran, Vaishali, Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Samstipur are sugarcane growing districts from 1940 onwards.

The biggest Sugar mill in the area is Motipur Sugar Mill, which has 2000 acres of land. Host of Local heavyweight politicians and influential people are illegally cultivating over 600 acres of Motipur Sugar Mill land.  It is said that the family of Local Rashtriya Janta Dal MLA, Nand Kumar Rai, has illegally taken up hundreds of acres land for their personal gains.

These inflencial people always create hindrance in reopening of Motipur Sugar Mill In 2011 Indian Potash Ltd took over the sugar factory but due to red tapisam gave away the factory to Reliance Industry, which did not do any work to revive the factory but went on to file a compensation suit of Rs.  500 crores.

The more than 50 kms of Trolly line  used for  bring sugarcane to the factory  from the near by catchment areas and the Railway steam engine, a heritage engine has become scrap.

Arrears of former employees are also not being paid.

The plight of farmer community of the area is going bad to worse as no other cash crop is cultivated in the area at such a large scale.

The area has witnessed famer’s agitation for reopening the mills many times but message or plight of farmers are not considered as important by theose in power. Motipur is on the border of the present Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh Parliamentary constituency. Whenever the Minister travels to his constituency he passes through Motipur Sugar Mill but still Motipur Sugar Mill has failed to attract his attention. This also comes under Vaishli Parliamentary Constituency of Raghuvansh Prasad Singh, RJD leader but no initiative was taken in five term that he has represented the constituency in parliament.

The Former MLAs like late Yamuna Singh, late Sasi Kumar Rai, Braj Kishore Singh, the party hopper and his son BJP candidate in the last assembly election, Arun Kumar Singh have hardly done anything to get the sugar factory operative.

Why only blame the minister the entire political class cutting across political affiliation and from panchyat mukhiya , block pramukh or assembly election candidates or Lok Sabha candidates  have never honestly tried or intiated any process for the Motipur Sugar factory to restart.

The economic status of the farmers are going down day by day and they are hoping against hope that one day certainly the factory would open and their financial status would improve.



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