India needs to take step for materialising IPI gas pipeline project

Syed Yusuf Ali Naqvi

New Delhi: Historically, Iran and India have enjoyed cordial relations for many centuries. Of course, this has not been without challenges, some of which imposed by some external forces, the deputy ambassador and charge d’affairs of Islamic Republic of Iran to New Delhi

has said on Wednesday.

Massoud Rezvanian Rahaghi, in an exclusive conversation with this correspondent, said: In spite of these challenges, the age old cultural ties between the two countries have continued to remain so strong and those external forces have been unable to cause much effect on that. That’s why the nations and governments of both countries taking into account common grounds and historical roots attach great sympathy and support to each other.

Talking about the Iran-Pakistan-India (IPI) gas pipe line better known as peace pipe line, he stated: This issue has been the focus of discussions among the three countries since many decades but due to some financial, technical and political considerations, the project did not materialized till date. However, for Iran’s share, the majority of the project has been completed between South Pars region (shared by Qatar) and Iranshahr City in South East of Iran.

Accordingly, Iran is striving to extend this pipeline to Chabahar Port as the next major petrochemical hub in the country. This is a great push for investment and economic development in Chabahar and Makran Coastal zone as well as an opportunity for countries like Pakistan and India, if one day, they decide to connect to this pipeline either through land route or deep sea.

To many observers, despite the common interests of the three countries and the dire needs of India and Pakistan to access natural gas resources in Iran, some financial problems together with political pressure by the Unites States have been among the major causes of delay and hampering the efforts in this respect during recent decades. But the fact remains that, Iran is and continue to be the most secure and reliable partner for supplying adequate and sustainable energy to India and others.


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