AIMMM lashes Telangana government for sealing waqf offices

New Delhi, (NIK):

All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawrat has lashed out the Telangana government for sealing the State Wakf Board office. President of the Umbrella Muslim organization, Navaid Hamid wrote a letter to the Telangana chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao saying that he read the news of Telangana State Government reportedly sealing the State Wakf Board office, with amusement and concern.
Amusement, because the move is unprecedented, defiant of any logic about its efficacy in curbing alleged corruption in Wakf Board and also prima facie illegal.
Concern, because it reflects Government’s disregard for minority institutions.

He further wrote: I am sure you know and appreciate that Wakf Board is an autonomous body and functions under the Wakf Act 1995. This type of illegal move to seal the board office not only belittles the position of a statutory body but also amounts to showing contempt to a central Act. This is also alarming in the backdrop of the Telangana government, reportedly, closing the office of State Minorities Commission a few months back, throwing its chairman unceremoniously and dumping the office records etc. , God knows where. Both the acts put together, unfortunately, give a creeping feeling that the Telangana government is bent upon belittling Minority institutions.
Post sealing events only confirm the apprehension that sealing was not done for its professed purpose because no tangible corrective measures have been made and no guilty person has been punished.
Non constitution of Telangana State Minorities Commission and now, non placing of any alternative mechanism for functioning of Wakf Board do not speak well of Government’s intention.
The All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat requests the State Government of Telangana to restore the functioning of Board in full and also appoint State Minorities Commission at the earliest opportunity.


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