Nalanda University Administration to move in new campus soon: VC

Rajgir: Prof. Sunaina Singh, Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University, has said, “The administration will move to the new buildings at the main campus by year end as it will be ready for occupation as per plan. Apart from that four other buildings will be ready for occupation.”  She further said that eventually a total of 17 buildings will be ready as per schedule later to accommodate the academic buildings, international centre, student amenities etc. which will enable the classes to commence from the main Campus. Currently the University is functioning in an Interim Campus at Rajgir, Nalanda.

Prof. Sunaina Singh elaborated on the latest developments in the university in terms of New Academic Framework that has been introduced recently and the additional School that is coming up for the academic year 2018-19. The new School of Languages & Literature/Humanities is offering a Diploma in Korean/Sanskrit/Japanese and there will be certificate courses as well as short term courses coming up this academic year too. The Vice Chancellor said that they are introducing the Cafeteria Model as part of the agenda for educational excellence which is a mandate for the University. The cafeteria model will give opportunity to students to pick courses from other schools in the University to diversify their knowledge base and provide a unique dimension to their skill set.

“On the administrative reforms aspect we have introduced transparency through setting up a file tracking system while also introducing an internal audit mechanism to help maintain healthy fiscal practices. We have also encouraged the students to set up a cultural centre as Rajgir has minimal entertainment avenues, thus providing a platform for the students and sometimes the staff to express themselves through art”, she said.

The Vice Chancellor had a good word about the Engineering team patting them for receiving Awards for Exemplary Performance from GRIHA for Integrated Water Management Systems as well as Passive Architecture. Replying to a question from the media she confirmed that the new campus will have an underground PNG gas pipeline as planned through the cross country PNG project – Pradhanmantri Urja  Ganga Pipeline Project.


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