Yogi cannot continue as a chief minister says Justice Sachar

New Delhi, (NIK):

Former chief justice of Delhi High Court and senior national executive member of Socialist Party Justice Rajindar Sachar has said that Uttar Pradesh chief miniter Yogi Adityanath cannot continue as chief minister after his remark against “Secularism”. In a statement released for the press, Justice Sachar said that Preamble to our Constitution specifically states that India is a Secular; Socialist State. The Supreme Court of India has held that “Secularism” is the basic feature of our Constitution and any state government which fails in upholding this basic feature has no right to continue. In fact in Bommai Case, the Supreme Court upheld the dismissal of Nine State governments on this score alone. Secularism as per the Constitution, does not signify Anti-Religion. Secularism signifies giving equal dignity and respect to all religions. Of  course  it  goes without saying that Indian State has no religion of its own, nor for that matter can any religion claim superiority over another religion.

He further said that the Socialist Party reiterates that as per article 75(4) of the Constitution of India Yogi and his cabinet members took oath before entering upon their offices which requires them to swear in the name of God that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as established by law. The oath covers the protection of Secularism as mentioned in the Preamble to the Constitution as existing at the time of taking oath.

The Socialist Party believes that the shocking statement by Yogi, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, namely “I believe that the word “Secular” is the biggest lie since independence”, should result in his immediate dismissal by the President who is a custodian of the Constitution, Justice Sachar added.

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